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Jamie KlingerHonestly Marketing has a mission to promote honesty and authenticity through marketing. Our mission is to put our talents to use to make good projects thrive!

We offer a variety of services including photography and educational journalism, and a showcase of art, educational, and entrepreneurial projects.

Honestly Marketing features articles on alternative living arrangements for abundant cooperation and through minimizing consumption by living below the poverty line and talking about it.

It will promote and assist with alternative economic systems that benefit humanity such as JoatU. And organisations pushing for a more equitable future, like Revenue de Base Quebec, an organisation promoting and pushing forward Universal Basic Income, an unconditional welfare payment that would be paid to all citizens.

As the founder of Honestly Marketing, I have taken the Basic Income Guarantee pledge outlined by Scott Santens on Patreon where I continue to work for good causes such as these and aspire to be able to make a simple living off of it.

If you are interested in supporting the work Honestly Marketing does, please consider hiring me for a contract, by contacting me to make a donation or by making a pledge here.

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When I succeed in achieving a basic income through Patreon, I will open source a large portion of my photography collection with a creative commons license.